Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blu File: Kennedy Flip-Flops with Antton Harri @ DominicFord

Our category called "Blu Watch" features pics, clips or news about our favorite redhead porn-boy, Blu Kennedy because frankly, he's everywhere and hotter than ever.

In fact he's so in demand and prolific, even here at GHM, we're barely able to keep up. He's really hot and only keeps getting better. Case in point, another hot effort at the smokin' site Dominic Ford which boasts the unique distinction of offering their films in 3-D lending them an interesting edge.

3-D auteur Ford admits that he, like us, loves Blu Kennedy and his newest update featuring the ginger porn sensation is, needless to say, one of his favorites. He also admits that Blu's scene partner, Antton Harri, is his newest crush. Mixing the two together for this scorcher is a case of excellent casting. It looks to me these boys like each other for real.

Getting them together in a scene, it seems, was a little wet dream for Ford. It was originally planned that Blu would only bottom with Antton. However they got so into it, during the scene, the two filp-flopped midway through. Blu then tops Harri with the gusto he's becoming known for.

Ford dares us to make it through this entire movie. He predicts you'll loose it half-way through...


Jeff said...

Mmmmm... I do love Blu! Thanks for sharing that preview.

Anonymous said...

Great to find this Blu Watch!

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