This Factor You Must Consider When Getting Full Sleeve Tattoos

Full Sleeve Tattoo
A full sleeve tattoo usually starts from the shoulder and goes all the way down to the wrist. Most of these tattoos have centralized themes and they are the latest trends in the tattoo industry. These tattoos can be large sized tattoos or a collection of different designs done randomly to cover a bigger part of the arm when they are together. Women seem to love these tattoos more especially those that are flowery and those that are made up of beautiful patterns. When done by a professional artist, they can actually add great beauty in a woman.

Men are not left behind when it comes to full sleeve tattoos with most preferring cool designs such as those of dragons and tribal tattoos. As their popularity continues, you might want to consider several factors before sitting down to have your tattoo artist ink one on you.

Tattoo size and placement - This is one of the major things that you must remember to consider before getting your tattoo done. Even though most full sleeve tattoos cover most part of the arm, you can still decide where it begins and where it ends. You have the options of a full arm, half or quarter sleeve. The scale should also be considered with the overall look of the tattoo in mind. You can start with a few tattoos and if you like what you get then you can piece them together progressively until you have a full sleeve tattoo.

The tattoo colors - Colorful full sleeve tattoos tend to pop more that the grays and blacks. If you don't mind the glances, then you can keep your tattoo as vibrant and colorful as you wish. But if you have a more laid back personality then the grays and blacks are the way to go.

The consequences - The truth is that some workplaces do not allow tattoos, which means if you have a full sleeve tattoo you might be restricted to wearing long sleeve shirts or blouses all through. Such a tattoo can also ruin your chances of getting a dream job so be very careful when getting it done. Consider all restrictions from your employer or potential future employer depending on the career path you want to take. Still under the consequences, think about how good you are going to feel about the sleeve tattoo several years down the line. Will you still be happy rocking that look when you are raising small children? Will your spouse approve of it? What are the costs of removing it?

Full Sleeve Tattoo

The cost - Full sleeve tattoos can be costlier because they require more work and take more time too. Consider your financial position in the current moment before you decide to have them inked. If you are low on cash and still want to have a full sleeve tattoo, then you can consider having small tattoos done one at a time until it covers a stretch of the arm. Know your options and weigh how valuable they are in terms of money you spend on the tattoo.

Full sleeve tattoos are simply adorable when they are done by an experienced and creative tattoo artist. You can have a uniformed pattern or combine a number of tattoos and elements depending on the look you want.
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